Vilnius residents are invited to apply for social assistance for pupils for the next school year

Starting 1 July, applications can be submitted for social assistance for pupils, including free meals and school supplies, amounting to €98 per calendar year.

Assistance provision conditions

Pupils up to 21 years of age enrolled in pre-primary, general or adult education programmes are entitled to free meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and to support for the purchase of school supplies.

The assistance may be provided if the income per person living together does not exceed €235,50. You can calculate the average income per person living together by yourself here.

Exceptions apply where there are three or more children in the family, or in case of an illness, accident or social risk. In such a case, the situation is assessed on an individual basis. For more information on the conditions, see here.

Please note: all pre-schoolers, first- and second- graders receive lunch free of charge, without a separate request from parents/guardians.

Who can apply

One of the parents of the pupil or another adult cohabitant, a pupil who is of the age of majority, a minor pupil who is married or emancipated, or a 14- to 18-year-old pupil having a parental consent can apply for the assistance.

Residents must be registered in Vilnius or included in the list of undeclared residents. Persons who do not declare their place of residence and who are not included in the list of undeclared persons but who actually live in Vilnius are also eligible.

Application forms and submission

Applications can be submitted in one of the following ways: by e-mail via the Social Support for Families Information System, arriving at the Customer Service Centre at Konstitucijos pr. 3 (1st floor), e-mailing a completed application signed with a qualified signature to, or mailing a completed application to the Social Benefits Department at Kauno g. 3, LT-01314 Vilnius.

Application forms can be found in the service description.

Applications for free meals can be submitted from 1 July until the end of the calendar year, and for school supplies – from 1 July until 5 October.

If you have any further questions regarding the assistance available to pupils, please contact the Social Benefits Department by email, by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of during a LiveChat, or by calling 8 700 35545.