Vilnius businesses and residents are urged to illuminate buildings in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

The City of Vilnius invites Vilnius residents, businesses and institutions to symbolically support
Ukraine by illuminating buildings with the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

“This is a small symbolic step on top of all the other support actions, but it is an important one to
remind the people who stayed behind to fight for their country in Ukraine that we support them. To ensure that everyone can express their support, we have simplified the rules that allow the use of floodlights to illuminate buildings,” says Adomas Bužinskas, Deputy Director of Vilnius City Administration.

Until now, city residents, institutions and entrepreneurs had to obtain a permit for such actions, but as of Monday, on the territory of Vilnius City, natural and legal persons are allowed to illuminate the colours of the flags of the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Ukraine on their private or managed buildings without having to apply for any authorisation. When installing any lighting, it is important to leave a clear path for pedestrians on the pavements and pedestrian walkways if lighting equipment is installed.

The City also asks that attention be paid to ensuring that the installations do not damage any
pavements and sidewalks of streets or squares. Vilnius residents can suggest other assistance to Ukraine or ideas for assistance to Ukraine at In particular, there is a need to expand the accommodation base, with a call for proposals for suitable accommodation for war refugees from Ukraine in Vilnius and elsewhere in Lithuania.

The City of Vilnius has prepared a humanitarian aid plan. The City has prepared the premises to
accommodate Ukrainian families that lost their homes. They cover a total area of more than 15,000 square metres in buildings owned by the City and another 7,000 square metres in buildings owned by the state. The premises are prepared to provide comfortable and economical accommodation for up to 1,000 persons. Less comfortable still fully equipped conditions are prepared for about 1,900 people.

The city has prepared to deploy around 1 000 medics to provide medical assistance to injured
Ukrainians. Initially food for the refugees will be provided by Food Bank (Maisto bankas) and by food suppliers providing catering services in educational institutions. When Ukrainian citizens stay in our country for a longer period, children fleeing the war will be integrated into mainstream education.

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