The City of Vilnius invites companies to take part in consultations and submit proposals regarding supply of goods for the resettlement of Ukrainians

Vilnius is making intensive preparations for the reception of Ukrainians who left the country because of Russian aggression. When furnishing the residential premises, the City will launch a market consultation regarding supply of goods necessary for people who have left the war zone. Vilnius City invites companies to submit proposals on the quantity, timeframe and price at which they would be able to deliver the required goods after the contract is signed.

“Vilnius residents are hand in hand with Ukraine. We are working very hard to get well prepared for the arrival of civilians – women and children – who have left Ukraine because of the war with Russia. We welcome the willingness and enthusiasm of not only residents but also businesses to contribute, and I sincerely want this call to be heard – at the moment we are in dire need of the will and ability to take care of the necessary tools for the first settling in,” says Lina Koriznienė, Director of the Administration of the Vilnius City.

We are planning to acquire towels, blankets, beds, mattresses, pillows, toiletries, disposable
crockery, cleaning supplies, etc. needed to accommodate 3,000 people. The complete list of the
goods intended to acquire is available here.

Suppliers interested in participating in the procurement are requested to submit their bids by 2:00
pm of 2 March 2022, via CPP IS, as large numbers of refugees are expected to arrive from Ukraine

Regarding any questions regarding the CPP IS procedures, you are welcome to contact Santa
Zubernytė, Chief Officer of the Documentation Unit of the Public Procurement Division, e-mail:, tel. (8 5) 211 2743,

Regarding any questions regarding the procurement, please contact Jolanta Misiulytė, Chief Officer of the Civil Safety Division, e-mail:, tel: (8 5) 211 2239,

Marketing and Communication Division,