Šeškinė Polyclinic is implementing the project „Reception and early integration of refugees from Ukraine” and invites war refugees of working age and migrants to participate.

The aim of the project is to strengthen psychosocial health of war refugees and migrants through various psychotherapeutic tools and therapeutic relationships. The activities are primarily aimed at helping people who are troubled by anxiety, stress, intercultural differences, and whose difficult experiences hinder them from overcoming social barriers.

All counselling and activities are free of charge for the project participants and are held in Russian. Participation is open to war refugees and migrants from Ukraine, as well as to persons who have a residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania and asylum seekers from third countries aged 18 and over.

We offer the following for project participants:

* individual and group counselling by a psychologist and a social worker;

* group activities;

* group music and dance therapy.

Participants who are determined to improve their mental health and stress resilience will take a quality-of-life assessment test with a psychologist individually, and the most appropriate psychological support measures will be offered for them based on their results. In group sessions led by a psychologist, participants will learn to cope with stress and anxiety, to deal with everyday problems, to overcome feelings of loneliness, to get to know own self and to identify own needs. After all, receiving psychological support or hearing about similar experiences can help to react to life’s worrying challenges more calmly.

A social worker will advise in person on health care options in Lithuania, the available free legal aid or family support, social care, nursing and care services at home, the determination of the level of disability, capacity for work and special needs, acquisition of the necessary aids, employment or leisure activities. In group sessions with a social worker, participants will learn to cope with stress and anger, plan their daily routine, which also helps them to put life in order, develop teamwork skills, relax and train memory through art therapy.

Group music therapy will teach to express emotions more accurately, to calm down, to develop attentiveness and creativity, while dance therapy will help to get to know one’s own body and personality better. There are no age restrictions for adults and no physical training or education is required.

All classes take place at the Šeškinės Polyclinic, Šeškinės Street 24, Vilnius.

Groups are still forming. Participants can register: by phone +370 649 49 436, by email: (please indicate your name, surname and phone number) or by clicking on the link:

The project is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund under the measure „Assistance in the face of emergencies of the EU Investment Programme for 2021-2027.