For those arriving from Ukraine

Vilnius supports Ukraine and stands ready to offer security to Ukrainians fleeing the war.

Information about the arrival of Ukrainians to Vilnius International House Vilnius +370 526 40 200 (open 8:00 am – 10:00 pm (GMT+2)

Information to Ukrainians citizens: Migration Department +370 5 271 7112, on weekdays and weekends 7:30 am–9:00 pm.

Accommodation and travelling from Polish border: ‘Stiprūs kartu’ helpline +370 677 22222, daily, 7/24.

General information about life in Lithuania: Migration information centre: ‘Renkuosi Lietuvą+370 525 14352, weekdays 8:00 am–5:00 pm.


Ukrainian citizens holding biometric passports and those whose national visas or temporary residence permits are about to expire in the Republic of Lithuania may immediately start using the 90-day visa-free regime upon expiry of these documents.

No return or expulsion decisions will be taken against Ukrainian citizens and their family members during this period.

Ukrainian citizens and their family members in respect of whom decisions have been taken to return them to a foreign state may remain in the Republic of Lithuania. The Migration Department will publish additional information on the actions these individuals will need to take.

National visas and temporary residence permits will not be revoked for Ukrainian citizens and their family members in Lithuania.

National visas will not be issued to Ukrainian citizens not holding valid foreign passports, but applications for temporary residence permits for humanitarian reasons will be accepted.

After registration, you will be able to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania or a national visa as a matter of urgency.

Only foreigners arriving in person will be registered. Once foreigners have been registered, they will be able to apply for a temporary residence permit or a national visa for humanitarian reasons. After registration, foreigners without a place of residence will be taken to temporary accommodation (to municipalities or individuals). Migration department>>




Vilnius University offers financial support and the opportunity to continue studies in Lithuania for the Ukrainian academic society and students. The students who have been studying in Ukraine, can transfer their studies from current university in Ukraine directly to VU or they may apply for the studies in 2022/2023. The students may also apply to the State-funded places or to the special scholarship of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. More information about opportunities to study at VU here.


Can children from Ukrainian families attend non-formal education classes?

Families who have left the war zone in Ukraine and are based in Vilnius can choose from 101 activities offered by non-formal education practitioners, from sports and technology to music and theater. The full list is available>> here.

To register for non-formal education activities, please call the specified contacts of the institution. Evelina Petrovskaya, the Chief specialist of the Vilnius City Administration Youth Affairs Division, can be consulted by e-mail or by phone +370 699 58 328 (Lithuanian, Russian).


We invite children from families who have come to Vilnius from the war zone in Ukraine to attend classes at free music and art schools in Vilnius. Schools tailor the curriculum to children’s experiences and needs.  You can find the classes offered by music and art schools and the contacts of the persons responsible for admissions here>>

To register children for classes organized by music and art schools, we invite you to call the specified contacts of the institutions.


Children of families who have left the war zone in Ukraine and settled in Vilnius can spend time in Vilnius in a safe and integral environment. We invite you to visit Vilnius city children and youth clubs; student creation, training, tourist centers; open youth centers and open youth spaces. The activities offered in these institutions are free of charge.

To register for the activities, call the listed office contacts. List>>


Vilnius City invites children from Ukraine to free workouts in Vilnius sport schools! Thus, if you have children of school age, who are interested in various sports, contact the persons below for registration.

Vilnius City Basketball School
Contact persons: Sandra Mockutė, +370 6 9180343 (Russian) and Evelina Budėnaitė, +370 6 3978587 (English).

  • Basketball (7-19 years old)

Sport School “Sostinės tauras”
Contact person: Klaidas Janeika, +370 6 0601735, (in Russian or English).

  1. Handball (10-18 years old)
  2. Volleyball (10-18 years old)
  3. Table-tennis (9-18 years old)
  4. Checkers (10-18 years old)
  5. Chess (10-18 years old)

Capital Sport Centre
Contact person: Julija Stefanovič, +370 6 3280272, (in Russian or English).

  1. Bicycle sport (9-15 years old)
  2. Canoes and kayaks (10-14 years old)
  3. Shooting (12-17 years old)
  4. Rowing (12-17 years old)
  5. Modern pentathlon (11-18 years old)
  6. Fencing (11-15 years old)
  7. Triathlon (11-14 years old)
  8. Orienteering sport (11-16 years old)
  9. Sport gymnastics (5-10 years old girls and 5-12 years old boys),
  10. Rhythmic gymnastics (5-14 years old)
  11. Martial arts (6-12 years old)
  12. Track-and-field athletics (8-17 years old)
  13. Swimming (7-16 years old)
  14. Diving (12-16 years old)
  15. Water polo (7-10 years old)

Vilnius Health Centre for Schoolchildren
Contact person: Reda Sakalienė, +370 5 2766729, (in Russian or English).

  • Swimming (7-18 years old)

Fabijoniškės Swimming Pools
Contact person: Donatas Balandis, +370 6 1670242 (in Russian or English).

  • Teaching of second-graders to swim (7-10 years old)




“BeFriend Vilnius“ is a non-financial programme where local mentors offer their most valuable asset – time – to newcomers by providing them with information and advice on a 1-1 basis, either in person or virtually. For more information>>


We invite Ukrainian citizens to participate in free cultural events and activities.

To take advantage of the opportunities, please read the descriptions of free services in the table and, in case of activities that require pre-registration, call or write to the specified office contacts.

For consultation, you can contact Justina Tamošiūnienė, chief specialist of the Culture department of City of Vilnius, by email or by phone +3706 8752 301 (in Lithuanian, Russian, Polish).


Social services are available to various groups of people: the elderly and their families, people with disabilities and their families, children left without parental care, children and their families at social risk, other people and families.


Ukrainians who have been granted temporary protection in Lithuania have the right to monetary social assistance.

Upon receipt of the registration card in the Migration Department (under the application to issue a temporary residence permit on the humanitarian ground) and before the decision to grant the temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania is made, the persons may apply for a one-time allowance, care allowances, and support to pupils.

In addition, the following must be provided:

  1. an identity document (e.g. passport, driving license, pensioner’s card, student card, employee card);
  2. bank account number (If you have);
  3. if necessary, other documents.

When the decision to grant the temporary residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania is made (on the basis of temporary protection), the persons may apply for all other benefits.

In addition, the following must be provided:

  1. an identity document (e.g. passport, driving license, pensioner’s card, student card, employee card);
  2. bank account number (If you have);
  3. if necessary, other documents.

Important information for people returning to Ukraine! We would like to remind that recipients of social benefits have to notify the Division of Social Benefits immediately about any changes that may affect payment of respective benefit, for example, when a person moves to another city or country.

The most convenient and fastest mode to apply for cancellation of benefits is to send an e-mail to, to enter the data on the form, or to select the application to cancel the benefits at




For Ukrainians who left the war zone and chose Vilnius, the capital offers free travel in urban public transport. Ukrainians will only need to present an identity document to the conductors – they will not need tickets or other documents. Public transport in the capital will also be free for foreigners who legally resided in Ukraine but left the country due to the war and arrived in Vilnius. With a Ukrainian passport, it will be also possible to visit municipal museums for free.


We understand the difficult financial situation of refugees from Ukraine, so to help them enter the labor market as soon as possible, we will not demand payment for parking in municipal parking lots. The decision is termless.


Information for Ukrainian citizens wishing to take care of children from Ukraine.

Advocates of child rights invite you to access the information and, if you decide to take a Ukrainian child into your family, please contact the nearest territorial division of the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service.

Read more>> Information for Ukrainian citizens wishing to take care of children from Ukraine (

Vilnius child right protection division, T. Ševčenkos str., 16G, Vilnius, email, phone 8 613 51 122. Contacts: territorial divisions>>


Pets arriving in Lithuania from Ukraine are accepted, even if they are unlabeled, not vaccinated against rabies, have neither proper veterinary documentation nor a rabies antibody titer.

After receiving information on an unvaccinated pet from Ukraine, the responsible officials of the territorial divisions of the SFVSS will arrange the microchipping, rabies vaccination, and monitoring of such an animal for 21 days at the place where the pet is kept.

The changes to the introduction of pets into the EU apply exclusively to Ukrainian citizens and not to legal entities such as sellers or breeders – the procedure for the commercial introduction of pets into the EU remains unchanged for the time being.

After arriving in Lithuania with a pet marked with a microchip and vaccinated against rabies, please notify for monitoring purposes.

After arriving in Lithuania with a pet vaccinated during the trip to Lithuania, the pet must be quarantined at the person’s location for 21 days after vaccination.

After arriving in Lithuania with an unmarked and non-vaccinated pet, please notify Following notification about a non-vaccinated pet, its vaccination and labeling will be provided free of charge.

If you have any questions, please contact or 8 800 40 403.


Ukrainians who came from the war zone and settled in Vilnius, after registration, can receive support in the following places:

Caritas Lithuania, Lukiškių g. 9 – clothes, goods, bedding, footwear, toys and toiletries.

„Save the Children”, Klaipėdos str., 6 – clothing, utensils and hygiene items.

Lithuanian Red Cross Society, Lukiškių g. 9 – items and hygiene products.

Order of Malta Helpdesk, Gedimino ave., 56B – basic hygiene package, SIM cards and clothing.

DĖK’UI stop


  • After presenting an identity document, you can travel by train within Lithuania free of charge.
  • Use the services of Lithuanian libraries free of charge. There is a library in every city and town. Reader certificates are issued to the people from Ukraine free of charge. They have free access to public internet computers and wireless internet, family, youth, and leisure spaces, can participate in educational activities and children’s sensory readings, can attend exhibitions and other cultural events, have access to a variety of board and interactive games, music recordings, movies, books, and periodicals in a variety of languages stored in library collections.