Vilnius residents unite with Ukraine

At this extremely difficult time the City of Vilnius is helping Ukraine and calls all residents of Vilnius to join its initiative. Anything works, even any method not mentioned here. On this page you will find where you can get help or assistance, as well as other currently relevant information.

International House Vilnius +370 526 40 200
Center for Humanitarian Aid, Lukiškių g. 9, Vilnius


Child benefits for children of Ukrainian nationals will be extended without separate application

Ukrainian citizens receiving child benefit will not have to submit an additional application for the extension of their child benefit after the extension of their temporary residence permit in Lithuania. The payment of this benefit will be extended on the basis of the data registers if there is information that...


Šeškinė Polyclinic is implementing the project "Reception and early integration of refugees from Ukraine" and invites war refugees of working age and migrants to participate. The aim of the project is to strengthen psychosocial health of war refugees and migrants through various psychotherapeutic tools and therapeutic relationships. The activities are...

Vilnius residents are invited to apply for social assistance for pupils for the next school year

Starting 1 July, applications can be submitted for social assistance for pupils, including free meals and school supplies, amounting to €98 per calendar year. Assistance provision conditions Pupils up to 21 years of age enrolled in pre-primary, general or adult education programmes are entitled to free meals, including breakfast, lunch...